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Legacy. It is something we all strive to leave, that part of ourselves that endures long after we are gone. Legacy is individual, but it is also shared through family, from grandparents to parents, parents to children. It is an unseen force among families that shapes it by inspiring each generation. Mariano Caspen was born from legacy, and the work and passion of Manuel Mariano Castillo Penny, my father. He was born in Peru, among the mountains and the earth, cradled by the sea. In life, he owned one of the largest copper mines in Peru. Throughout my childhood I remember him bringing me all kinds of gemstones and rock samples, a collection of vivid colors, textures, and materials. Later in life he began to explore jewelry making, collaborating with the local artisans to create stunning pieces that celebrate Peruvian art and culture. 

This was a side of him that none of us knew about, and when he passed in 2019, it was only then we were given a glimpse of the masterfully done silverwork, intricate patterns, and hand curated precious gems he began investing in. Without knowing it, I inherited his artistic side, and his love for the multi-colored treasures formed by Pachamama Herself. This is how the Mariano Caspen Silver Legacy Collection was born. Deeply personal, deeply spiritual, and only of the finest quality to carry on from his legacy to mine.

You can never take too much care over the choice of your sunglasses and jewlery.